Wednesday, 22 May 2013

8.00am Wednesday 22 May 2013

Swell is a good 1 foot with a force 3 northwesterly breeze gusting to 4 and 5.

High 04.07 3.4m
Low 10.12 0.9m
High 16.36 3.6m
Low 22.35 0.9m

Tide information courtesy of Finnegans Shop Rossnowlagh. Call to the shop now to pick up your Rossnowlagh 2013 tide tables

Below, it looked like a military invasion of the Smugglers yesterday when these military vehicles pulled up outside . . .

. . . but then it became obvious that due to a navigational error they had turned on to the back line instead of going to the beach to pick up some gallant boys and girls in green were down there doing a very long march laden with very heavy packs . . .

On the other hand, is it not likely that these these troop carriers have been on peacekeeping missions in dusty deserts in Africa and the Middle East? Does it not make sense that their navigational systems, finely tuned to the needs of thirsty Irish peacekeepers, would have homed in on that Guinness lorry in the car park?

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