Monday, 31 August 2009

6.55 am Monday 31 August 2009 (Note tomorrow's surf report, 1 September, will be late, in afternoon.

Virtually flat, a few inches maybe. No wind right now.

High 04..21 2.8m
Low 10.09 1.5m
High 16.24 3.1m
Low 22.42 1.3m

Sunday, 30 August 2009

6.50am Sunday 30 August 2009

Small, very clean 1 foot swell with light SE offshore breeze.

High 03.11 2.7m
Low 09.05 1.6m
High 15.26 2.9m
Low 21.50 1.4m

Saturday, 29 August 2009

7.00 am Saturday 29 August 2009

Waves are 1.5 foot and messy in a gusty north northwesterly force 1 onshore wind.

High 01.27 2.7m
Low 07.29 1.7m
High 14.02 2.8m
Low 20.31 1.6m

Friday, 28 August 2009

6.40 am Friday 28 August 2009

Waves are 1.5 foot and messy in a gusty force 5-6 northwesterly onshore wind.

Low 5.51 1.0m
High 12.23 2.9
Low 6.30 1.2m

Thursday, 27 August 2009

7.40 am 27 august 200

Swell has lifted nicely in the last half hour. 1.5 foot with light offshore SE breeze.

For tides see earlier post below.

6.50 am Thursday 7 August 2009

Small swell, bare 1 foot at its best, with light offshore breeze. No wind at all up here on the cliff but I see some spray back on the waves so there must be offshore wind down on the beach. Forecast predicts that it will be better later in the day.

Low 4.57 0.8m
High 11.25 3.2m
Low 17.26 0.9m
High 23.52 3.0m

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

6.50am Wed 26 August 2009

Almost flat but a small clean half foot swell promises better things later in the morning. No wind.

Low 04.12 0.5m
High 10.37 3.5m
Low 16.36 0.6m
High 11.02 3.3m

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

6.20am 25 August 2009

Swell is 1.5 foot and messy in force 4 westerly onshore wind.

Low 3.31 0.3m
High 9.53 3.7m
Low 3.51 0.3m
High 10.17 3.6m

Monday, 24 August 2009

UPDATE 7.40 24 August 2009

Swell has come up to 3 foot since earlier report. Still clean with SE offshore breeze.

Tide times in earlier post below.

6.00 am 24 August 2009

Clean 1 foot swell with light offshore south easterly breeze.

Low 2.51 0.0m
High 9.12 3.9m
Low 3.09 0.1m
High 9.35 3.9m

Sunday, 23 August 2009

RESULTS: Billabong Irish Junior Championship

Irish Surfing Association Press Release

The Billabong Irish Junior Surfing Championships attracted almost one hundred young surfers to Rossnowlagh at the weekend to compete for thirteen coveted national titles in surfing, bodyboarding and longboarding. The Championships run by Rossnowlagh Surf Club and the Irish Surfing Association was sponsored by Billabong, Nixon, Dakine and VZ.
Due to a poor weather forecast for Sunday, contest organisers got the first heats into the water early on Saturday morning with the momentous ambition of running the whole event before night fall. The day kicked off with sunshine and 2ft surf but as heat after heat took to the water torrential rain arrived. This did not dampen the spirits of the young surfers as the wave picked up in the afternoon with the arrival of the rain.
Although the standard was high acroos the event it was particularly evident among the younger surfers. Standouts included Una Britton, Garbhan Mc Closkey and Jack Scott in the U10s and Aron O’Hare and Ayesha Garvey in the U12s and Gearoid Mc Daid in the U14s.
Many of the Denny Irish Junior Surf Team that competed at the World Junior Surfing Championships earlier this year in Ecuador surfed in the National Championships. Their international competitive experience seemed to pay off with all making finals in their respective categories.
The U18 titles went to Cillian Ryan, Wexford in the U18 Boys and local girls, Tahlia Britton in the U18 Girls. Causeway Coast surfer Donal O’Reilly retain his U18 Longboard title and Sligo’s Aaron Devanny took the U18 Bodyboard title.
In the U16 Boys, Billabong Team rider, James Garvey took the title in a closely fought final. Niamh Kelly, Strandhill took the U16 Girls while Bosco Mc Auley, Portrush won the U16 Bodyboard.
Gearoid Mc Daid, Sligo dominated the U14 Boys to clinch the title as did Meadb Mc Closkey, Ballyshannon in the U14 Girls. The U12 Boys title went to Aron O’Hare while Ayesha Garvey had an impressive win in the U12 Girls. Garbhan Mc Closkey won the U10 Boys and Una Britton won the U10 girls.
With fading light and twelve hours of competition completed the presentation was moved indoors to the Surfers Bar as the rain continued to poor outside. At the presentation of awards Rossnowlagh Surf Club Chairman, Kevin Mc Closkey and Secretary Dara O’Malley Daly thanked sponsors, judges, officials, parents and competitors for their part in the success of the event.

Billabong Irish Junior Surfing Championships Results
U18 Boys Surf
1. Cillian Ryan
2. Rory Tuohy
3. Damien Conway
4. Aaron Dees
U18 Girls Surf
1. Tahlia Britton
2. Amy May Garvey
3. Sarah Mc Gowan
U18 Longboard
1. Donal ‘Reilly
2. Maurice Bryson
3. Carl O’Reilly
4. Oisin O’Malley Daly
U18 Boyboard
1. Aaron Devanny
U16 Boys Surf
1. James Garvey
2. Jamie Russell
3. Iarom Madden
4. Cian Logue
U16 Girls Surf
1. Niamh Kelly
2. Fiona Mc Gonigle
3. Audrey Herdman
4. Emily Stewat
U14 Boys Surf
1. Gearoid Mc Daid
2. Donagh Cronin
3. Conor Mc Kinney
4. Brian Mc Gowan
U14 Girls Surf
1. Meave Mc Closkey
2. Graine Mc Gonigle
3. Emer Mc Hugh
4. Danika Maguire
U12 Boys Surf
1. Aron O’Hare
2. Daniel Britton
3. Oisin Roper
4. Michael Hurst
U12 Girls Surf
1. Ayesha Garvey
2. Laoise O’Connor
3. Eva Martin
4. Sophie Scott
U10 Boys Surf
1. Garbhan Mc Closkey
2. Jack Scott
3. Louis Devanney
4. Oran O’Neill
U10 Girls Surf
1. Una Britton
2. Tara Duffy
3. Derbhla Moore
4. Maia Monaghan

7.00 am Sunday 23 August 2009

1 foot swell, smoking in light offshore southeasterly breeze.

The Billabong Junior Championships ended so late yesterday evening that I'm still awaiting a full list of results but hope to post them later. Full competition was run off on some of the best competition surf ever. Tide was so high at the end of the day that the U-10 girl surfers rode their waves right up the slipway.

Low 2.10 -0.1m
High 8.31 4.1m
Low 2.28 -0.1m
High 8.53 4.1m

Saturday, 22 August 2009

UPDATE 11.50 am 22 August 2009

Smaller than this morning, just 2.5 foot, but smoking in light offshore south easterly.

Surf schools, making way for the Billabong Junior National Championship, are hitting the waves at the south end of the beach. Billabong results later.

7.00 am 22 August 2009

3 foot swell, a bit messy in a light SW cross shore breeze.

Low tide 1.29 -0.1m
High tide 7.49 4.1m
Low tide 13.46 -0.2m
High tide 20.12 4.2m

Friday, 21 August 2009

6.50 am 21 August 2009

Big clean 4 foot swell with light SE force 3 breeze, more offshore than cross shore.

Low tide was at 12.45am -0.0m
High tide is now at 7.04am 4m
Low tide 1.03pm -0.1m
High tide 7.29pm 4.2m

Thursday, 20 August 2009

7.00 am 20 August 2009

Big 3 foot swell with south westerly onshore breeze, about force 3.

High 6.19 3.8m
Low 12.18 0.0m
High 18.44 4.0m

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

SURF UPDATE 17.30 19 August 2009

Big powerful swell 2-3 foot. Very high tide this afternoon.

Garden experts recommend having a water feature in your garden. Or was that having a garden in your water feature?

SURF UPDATE 2pm Wed 19 August 2009

Surf has picked up and is now about 1 foot with light southerly cross shore breeze.

Tides in this morning's post below.

7.30 am 19 August 2009

Flat sea. Light southerly cross wind.

High 5.29 3.5
Low 11.29 0.3
High 5.56 3.8
Low 11.59 0.2

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

14.45 Tue 18 August 2009 UPDATE

Swell has come up again. It's a bit over 1 foot and quite clean. Wind is light southerly cross shore.

Tide times in earlier post below.

7.00 am 18 August 2009

Surf has dropped overnight and sea is almost flat. No wind. I'll be back to post again if it picks up.

High 4.31 3.2m
Low 10.30 0.6m
High 17.02 3.5m
Low 23.07 0.4m

Monday, 17 August 2009

16.00 Monday 17 August 2009 UPDATE

Wind has dropped to light onshore. Waves 2-3 foot.

Tide tables in earlier post below.

6.00 am 17 August 2009

Waves are 1 foot and messy in an onshore force 4 westerly wind.

Tides (from wxtide so slightly inaccurate by a few minutes either way.)
High tide was at 3.20 3m
Low tide 9.28 0.8m
High tide 15.58 3.2m
Low tide 22.07 0.7m

Sunday, 16 August 2009

17.00 16 August 2009 UPDATE

3-4 foot high waves with force 5 westerly onshore. Still some surfers out there, braving the wind.

For tides, see earlier post below.

06.30 am Sunday 16 August 2009

Swell is 1 foot and messy in an onshore force 5 westerly wind.

Low tide 08.08 1m
High tide 14.40 3m
Low tide 20.54 0.9m

(These tide times are from WXTide so are marginally inaccurate. Will the surfer who removed my official Rossnowlagh Tide Tables from my desk, [available in Finnegan's shop and post office] please put them back.)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

12.40pm Sat 15 August 2009 UPDATE

Waves up to 3 foot in onshore south westerly wind, force 4

Tide times below in previous post.

6.31 am Saturday 15 August 2009

A bit choppy, waves up to 1 foot. Wind is onshore blowing from west-southwesterly force 4.

00.51 3.0m
06.44 1.4m
13.29 3.0m
19.44 1.4m