Thursday, 30 April 2009

9.10 pm 30 April 2009 MAY EVE

Fine swell, up to 2 foot. Light southeasaterly breeze. Five surfers enjoying the beautiful waves.

Below - mayflowers on the windowsills on May Eve - keeps the fairies out of the house.

7.10 am 30 April 2009

Swell about one foot and choppy. Onshore, northwesterly breeze.

Tide times
High tide 10.29 0.9m
Low tide 16.23 1.2m
High tide 22.48 3.5m

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

6.45 am 29 April 2009

Last night's superb sunset swell has dropped to about 8 inches. Very slight offshore breeze.

Tide Times
High tide 09.31 3.7m
Low tide 15.31 1.0m
High tide 21.48 3.7m

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

6.35 am 28 April 2009

Tide Times
High tide 08.40 4.0m
Low tide 14.45 0.8m
High tide 20.56 3.9m

North wind force 4-5
Swell 1.5 - 2 foot and a bit choppy

Below: Black wetsuits checking the surf?

Monday, 27 April 2009

05.47 pm 27 April 20009

Surf has got bigger - up to 2 foot, while wind, still northwesterly, has dropped to force 3-4. May well get bigger with rising tide.

9.00 am 27 April

Surf report and tide times in earlier post below. Swell is bigger now, about 1. 5 foot and still choppy. Gusty rainshowers and some hail so far this morning, making rainbows.

06.10 am 27 April 2009

Swell is about 1 foot and choppy. A fairly gusty wind, force 4-5, is blowing from the northwest.

Tide Times
High tide 7.55 4.1m
Low tide 14.03 0.6m
High tide 20.10 4.1m

Sunday, 26 April 2009

6.15 am 26 April 2009

Big round swell, 1 - 1.5 foot. It could be bigger if wind drops or moves to offshore later. For now the swell is still being flattened by a force 3-4 cold north wind.

Tide Times
High tide 07.13 4.1m
Low tide 13.23 0.5m
High tide 19.31 4.1m

New moon since yesterday

Saturday, 25 April 2009

6.40 am 25 April 2009

Still a fair swell, a bit flattened by force 5-6 north wind. About 1.5 - 2 feet.

Tide Times
High tide 6.35 4.0m
Low tide 12.45 0.5m
High tide 18.53m

Friday, 24 April 2009

6.30 am 24 April 2009

Big swell, 2.5 foot and peaking nicely in offshore breeze

Tide times

High tide 05.59 3.8
Low tide 12.08 0.6
High tide 18.20 3.9

Thursday, 23 April 2009

7.52 23 April 2009

Tide Times
High tide 05.24 3.6m
Low tide 10.55 1.1m
High tide 16.47 3.2m
Low tide 22.39 1.1m

Swell 1 - 1.5 foot, clean and peaking in offshore breeze.
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5.25 am 23 April 2009

I discovered the night scenery setting on the camera so here's this morning's surf. Surf seems about 2 feet now. I was too busy trying to hold the camera steady to notice the direction of the breeze and a sound setting would have caught the dawn chorus, if there is a sound setting. Got to read the instruction book some day.
Meanwhile, I'll be back later with tides etc. Right now I have to drive the in-house surfer to Sligo to catch the 7 am train.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

21 April Wednesday 09.56 pm - will be late tomorrow, Thursday

Tomorrow Thurs 22 April 2009) report will be a bit late. Here's a picture of this evening's surf, taken a while before dusk.

6.05 am 22 April 2009

Swell rose yesterday afternoon and is still clean and beautiful this morning, one and a half to two feet high with an offshore breeze lifting the spray.

Tide Times
Low tide 10.55 0.9
High tide 16.47 3.2m
Low tide 22.39 1.1m

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

6.50am 21 April 2009

Westerly breeze. Very small swell - inches only.

Tide Times
Low tide 10.16 1.1m
High tide 16.47 3.2m
Low tide 22.39 1.1m
Tomorrow am High tide 4.49am 3.3m

Monday, 20 April 2009

7.10am 20 April 2009

Small swell, 6 inches maybe but movement in the sea - things are stirring. Drizzle and a light northerly breeze right now.

Low tide 9.28 1.3m
High tide 16.09 2.9m
Low tide 21.57 1.4m

Sunday, 19 April 2009

6.30am 19 April 2009

Flat sea today again. No wind. However surf is forecast for midweek.

Low tide 8.27 1.5m
High tide 15.16 2.7m
Low tide 21.05 1.5m

Yesterday's dolphin watch was interrupted by an otter that climbed up the cliff beside Smugglers Creek, then headed up the road till it came to the fresh water stream round the corner and plunged in.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

6.35am 18 April 2009

Still flat but it will be sunny when the sun gets going.

Low tide 7.04 1.5m
High tide 13.47 2.6
Low tide 19.52 1.7

No surf and it's a bit early in the day for dolphin watch but there's the Brent Geese situation going on at the south end of the beach. They're having a noisy debate on whether or not they'll head for their Greenland nesting season this weekend or wait another few days. I'm keeping close watch, hoping to see them fly off into the northwest and disappear over the horizon. If anybody catches it on camera, let me have it too.

Friday, 17 April 2009

6.30am 17 April 2009 - a fine day for watching dolphins

Flat ocean again today. Negligible swell. A good day, maybe, for practising paddling - the surf rescue people were working hard at that yesterday when the rescue helicopter flew overto say hello.

A good day for dolphin watching too. From the top of the cliff you can see them head west past the creek about mid-morning and come back mid-afternoon. Worth looking out for.

High tide 12.14 2.6M
Low tide 18.15 1.7m

Thursday, 16 April 2009

6.35am 16 April 2009

Calm. Minimal swell, just enough to make a little wavelet at the water's edge. Easterly breeze.
High tide 11.09 2.8m
Low tide 17.01 1.6m
High tide 23.27 2.9m

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Update 8.50 15 April 2009

Wishful thinking earlier. Swell is still small, about 9 inches. Chilly breeze from the east and drizzle. Opposite of yesterday's brilliant surf and spring sunshine. The dawn chorus, with massive birdsong, was the best bit of today so far. A reminder that Rossnowlagh's not just a beach.

Today's tide times are in early morning surf report below.

Dawn Patrol 5.50am 15 April 2009

Small swell but clean with good lines. Glassy, no wind right now. Promises to get bigger over the next few hours with the rising tide.
The biggest thing this morning is the huge dawn chorus in the background. Worth being up early for.

High tide 10.18 3.4m
Low tide 16.13 1.4m
High tide 22.34 3.1m

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Just for the record. 9.20am 14 April 2009

Over 3 foot perfect waves - worth getting the camera out again. A total of 4 surfers had this all to themselves, fitting in a quickie before work. Now the waves are empty again.
Early morning surf report with tide times is below.

6.50 am Rossnowlagh 14 April 2009

Perfect clean swell 2-2.5 foot, peaking in offshore breeze, lines stacking all the way out the bay. Perfect surf waiting for somebody to come and surf it.

Tide Times
High tide 9.34 3.4m
Low tide 15.34 1.2m
High tide 21.50 3.4m

Monday, 13 April 2009

Rossnowlagh 6.50am 13 April 2009

Small swell, up to 1 foot. Wind south south easterly offshore. Damp mild morning.

High tide 8.53 3.6m
Low tide 14.58 0.9m
High tide 21.50 3.4m

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Rossnowlagh 7.10am Easter Sunday 12 april 2009

Lazy swell 2-3 foot, peaking close to shore now at high tide. Glassy, no perceptible wind and for the first time ever, it's not cloudy or raining on Easter morning so I caught the sun dancing.

Rossnowlagh is buzzing with a land yachting and kiting event in progress and surf schools busy. Iron man and grom of the week is 12 year old Barry from Ardboe in Tyrone who did his first ever surf on a body board, wearing shorts, no wetsuit.

High tide 8.13 am 3.8m
Low tide 14.23 0.7m
High tide 20.32 3.9m

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Rossnowlagh 11 April 2009 7.40am

Wind shifting between south and south east. Waves peaking up to 3 foot when the breeze is in the south east but otherwise a big fat lazy swell with a lot of white water close to shore.

High tide 7.35 am 4.0m
Low tide 13.47 0.6m
High tide 19.54 4.0m