Tuesday, 30 June 2009

5.55 am Tuesday 30 June 2009

Calm sea, no wind. Rossnowlagh, for the moment, is ignoring weather forecast for wind and rain.

(Take note of new weather forecast gadget at upper right hand corner of blog - based on Belmullet weather station reports, although Knock Airport takes the credit for it.)

High tide was at 00.17 3.4m
Low tide 06.21 1.1m
High tide 12.56 3.2m
Low tide 18.44 1.3m

Monday, 29 June 2009

6.40am 29 June 2009

Calm sea, tiny swell at edge of sand. No perceptible wind. Overnight rain must have made the air heavy - my excuse for sleeping in this morning.

TidesLow tide was at 05.40 1.2m
High tide 12.14 3.2m
Low tide 18.04 .3m

Sunday, 28 June 2009

6.10 am Sunday 10 June 2009

Another calm morning, the sea almost still except for little wavelets breaking on the beach. No breeze right now.

Low tide was at 04.36 0.7m
High tide 10.59 3.6m
Low tide 16.50 1.0m
High tide 23.18 3.6m

Saturday, 27 June 2009

6.00 am 27 June 2009

Calm sea, no wind, slight drizzle.


Low tide was at 03.49 0.6m
High tide 10.06 3.8m
Low tide 16.02 0.9m
High tide 22.22 3.9m

Friday, 26 June 2009

6.15 am 26 June 2009

Absolutely calm sea, light breeze from south east.

Low tide was at 03.03 0.5m
High tide 09.13 4.0m
Low tide 15.14 0.8m
High tide 21.29 4.1m

A picture of last night's sunset as consolation for zero surf pics above. A school of dolphins, or maybe porpoises, were swimming about during sunset but my camera didn't have enough distance focus to pick them up.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

6.00 am 25 June 2009

No swell. Gusty force 3 breeze blowing from south east.

Low tide was at 02.15
High tide 08.22 4.1m
Low tide 14.28 0.7m
High tide 20.38 4.2m

Below is last night's sky at 11.30pm

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

5.55 am 24 June 2009

No wind, calm sea. Small clean swell, up to 1 foot.

High tide was at 01.27m
High tide 07.31 4.1m
Low tide 13.40 0.7m
High tide 19.46 4.3m

Last night was Saint John's Eve, traditional night for solstice bonfires. Irish midsummer is 2 days later than the rest of the world. Below, those misty spots on the hills across the bay are bonfires lighting up after sunset. My neighbours took the opportunity to make a bonfire of their refurbishment leftovers, added some wine and made a fine solstice night of it.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

6.06 am 23 June 2009

No wind. Clean small swell, up to 1 foot.

Low tide was at 00.35 0.6m
High tide 06.41 4.0m
Low tide 12.50 0.7m
High tide 18.58 4.2m

Below is last night's midsummer sky, picture taken at 10 minutes to midnight, exact time for John and Josh

Monday, 22 June 2009

5.50 am 22 June 2009

Seafog since yesterday that offered zero visibility 10 minutes ago but opened up just now to let me take pictures. No breeze, not the least stirring in the air so I don't know what is making the little up-to-1-foot swell so choppy.
High tide was at 05.02 3.6m
Low tide 11.04 0.9m
High tide 17.23 3.8m
Low tide 23.41 0.8m

New moon this evening.

June blossom
Below are some Coolmore june flowers for Anne who can take a virtual walk here when she's back in Colorado. This morning the back line is scented with honeysuckle and the fuschia is dripping with foggy dew.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

6.25am Sunday 21 May

Small choppy waves - about 6-8 inches. Light NW breeze laden with drizzle on this midsummers morning. However the real Donegal midsummers day isn't till Tuesday - St John's Eve aka bonfire night (not so many bonfires however due to global warming regulations) - by which time we'll be enjoying sunshine again . . . maybe.

High tide was at 05.02
Low tide 11.04 0.9
High tide 17.23 3.8m
Low tide 23.41 0.8m

Saturday, 20 June 2009

6.16 am 20 June 2009

Choppy waves up to 1.5 foot. Onshore north westerly strong breeze 4-5. A fine day for the King of the Groms surf comp which is on today in Rossnowlagh. King? Shouldn't that be a more pc word like Monarch? Sisters - will we picket the surf club today? Or just go down anyway to have a look at the new competition waggon?

Low tide was at 04.10 3.3m

Low tide 10.08 1.1m
High tide 16.37 3.5m
Low tide 22.46 1.0m

Friday, 19 June 2009

5.56 am 19 June 2009

Choppy waves up to 2 foot. Blustery north west wind force 5.

High tide was at 03.13 3.2m
Low tide 09.10 1.1m
High tide 15.48 3.3m
Low tide 21.50 1.2m

Thursday, 18 June 2009

6.00 am 18 June 2009

South westerly breeze force 3-4. A fairly choppy swell, up to 1.5 foot.

High tide 02.10 3.0m
Low tide 08.09 1.2m
High tide 14.53 3.1m
Low tide 20.50 1.2m

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

5.50am 17 June 2009 (International Camp Kayakers in previous post)

A change in the weather. Onshore north westerly breeze 3-4 and surf, about 1 foot and choppy. And it's pouring rain on the Costa Rossnowlagh.

High tide was at 01.05 3.0m
Low tide 07.09 1.3m
High tide 13.50 3.0m
Low tide 19.48 1.4m

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Noon 16 June 2009 Latvian and German visitors go kayaking

An international Kayak party invaded Rossnowlagh Bay during high tide. Young people from Latvia and Germany, attending Belfast Education Board's International Camp, came to test their paddling skills on the Connaughtman break, the only bit of swell available on this calm sunny day.

All went well till a two seater kayak ran aground on the rocks. The crew managed to overcome their laughter for long enough to call "Help!" Just as the drama unfolded and the crew were in danger of getting their feet wet, my camera batteries went flat and so I have to leave the story dangling . . . . .

Perhaps the kayakers will use comment to tell the rest of the story.

6.20 am 16 June 2009

Calm sea once again with no breeze. I've included a picture of the mist from the river Erne stretched out across the western bay, floating on it own currents - another predictor of fine weather. Also one of last night's sky.

High tide was at 00.08 3.1m
Low tide 06.13 1.2m
High tide 12.49 2.9m
Low tide 18.44 1.5m

Monday, 15 June 2009

6.00 am 15 June 2009

Small swell, about 8 inches. No breeze just now.

Low tide was at 05.26 1.2m
High tide 11.54 3.0m
Low tide 17.47 1.5m

Below is a picture of last night's midsummer sky, taken about 11.30pm. It's never fully dark on these June nights.