Sunday, 28 February 2010

8.00am Sunday 28 February 2010



Flat. No wind. Lovely mild spring morning.

05.14 4.2m
Low 11.36 0.3m
High 17.40 4.2m
Low 23.48 0.4m

Saturday, 27 February 2010

7.40am Saturday 27 February 2010



Flat with a force 4 south easterly breeze.

Tides 04.29 3.9m
Low 10.50 0.5m
High 16.59 4.0m
Low 23.05 0.6m

Friday, 26 February 2010

7.30 am Friday 26 February 2010



Still no surf apart from those little 6 inch wavelets. Breeze is offshore, light force 1 south easterly.

High 03.40 3.4m
Low 10.01 0.8m
High 16.14 3.6m
Low 22.15 0.9m

Thursday, 25 February 2010

7.30am Thursday 25 February 2010


Flat with light force 2 north northeasterly breeze.

Highn02.37 3.1m
Low 08.59 1.2m
High 15.21 3.2m
Low 21.20 1.2m

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

8.00am Wednesday 24 February 2010



Flat with force 4 north easterly cross shore breeze.

High 01.10 2.9m
Low 07.35 1.4m
High 14.07 2.9m
Low 20.07 1.4m

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

7.25am Tuesday 23 February 2010


Fairly flat once again. Swell just inches high, with light force 2 offshore easterly wind.

Low 05.51 1.5m
High 12.32 2.8m
Low 18.29 1.5m

Monday, 22 February 2010

7.50am Monday 22 February 2010



Flat sea with light force 2 easterly breeze.

Low 04.34 1.4m
High 11.10 3.0m
Low 17.002 1.5m
High 23.39 2.9m

Sunday, 21 February 2010

7.42am Sunday 21 February 2010



Flat with chilly force 3 south easterly breeze. Photos shortly.

Low 03.44 1.2m
High 10 .10 3.2m
Low 16.04 1.3m
High 22.31 3.1m

Saturday, 20 February 2010

7.40amSaturday 20 February2010



Small 1 fooot with light south easterly force 2 offshore breeze. 

Low 03.05 1.0m
High 09.24 3.4m
Low 15.23 1.1m
High 21.43 3.3m

Friday, 19 February 2010

7.50am Friday 19 February 2010


Swell is small 1 foot with light southerly force 1 cross shore breeze.  Southerly breeze is a temporary morning thing. It will be northerly again shortly.

Low 02.23 0.9m
High 08.46 3.6m
Low 14.48 0.9m
High 21.04 3.6m

Thursday, 18 February 2010

8.00am Thursday 19 February 2010



Swell is small 1 foot now at hight tide, with light force 1 southerly cross-shore breeze. The wind direction will probably change after sunrise as windguru says it's northerly.

Low 02.03 0.8m
High 08.12 3.8m
Low 14.19 0.8m
High 20.31 3.6m

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

7.28 Wednesday 17 FEbruary 2010



Swell is 1 foot with light force 1 offshore easterly breeze. (photos 8.10am)

Low 01.34 0.7m
High 07.39 3.9m
Low 13.50 0.7m
High 20.00 3.7m

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

7.45am Tuesday 16 February 2010



Swell is a good  one foot with a force 3 onshore south westerly breeze.

Low 01.05 0.7m
High 07.07 3.9m
Low 13.22 0.6m
High 19.29 3.8m

Monday, 15 February 2010

8.20 am Monday 15 February 2010



No waves, just a slightly choppy flat sea with a force 3 westerly onshore breeze. 

Low 00.34 0.8m
High 06.37 3.9m
Low 12.53 0.6m
High 18.59 3.8m

Sunday, 14 February 2010

8.33am Valentine's Day - Sunday 14 February 2010



Flat sea with force 2 south westerly cross breeze. Great piles of foam floating on the surface this morning.

Low 00.02 0.8m
High 06.04 3.8m
Low 12.22 0.7m
High 18.28 3.7m

Saturday, 13 February 2010

8.00am Saturday 13 February 2010



All calm and still. Small half foot swell with barely perceptible force 1 offshore north easterly breeze.

High 05.30 3.7m
Low 11.50 0.8m
High 17.56 3.6m

Friday, 12 February 2010

8.00am Friday 12 February 2010



Almost flat with occasional half foot swell. Light force 1 northerly cross-shore breeze.

High 03.55 3.2m
Low 10.08 1.1m
High 16.28 3.2m
22.25 1.1m

Thursday, 11 February 2010

UPDATE 11.30AM tHURS 11 fEB 2010


Swell has lifted in the last hour or so and is now a good 1 foot iin clean linees. Light onshore force 1 breeze,

7.40am Thursday 11 February 2010



Swell continues small, about half a foot with light offshore force 1-2 easterly breeze.

high 04.16 3.3m
low 10.35 1.1m
high 16.49 3.3m
low 22.49 1.2m

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

8.35am Wednesday 10 February 2010



Swell is just half a foot right now with very light force 2 offshore east northeasterly breeze. A lot like yesterday which lifted nicely later in the day.

High 03.28 3.1m
Low 09.47 1.3m
High 16.10 3.1m
Low 22.08 1.4m

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

8.01 am Tuesday 9 February 2010



Small half foot swell with light force 2 south easterly offshore breeze.

High 02.23 3.0m
Low 08.43 1.5m
High 15.18 2.9m
Low 21.13 1.5m

Monday, 8 February 2010

Back online 7.52am 8 February 2010



Small 1 foot in nice clean lines and smoking a little in a light force 3 south easterly offshore breeze. It might be bigger when the tide starts pushing in a little while.

High 00.58 2.9m
Low 07.11 1.5m
High 13.59 2.8m
Low 19.59 1.6m

Re: 3Mobile Broadband in Rossnowlagh - their prolonged signal failure was due to upgrading and maintenance, I'm told. Certainly, there's an excellent signal since yesterday evening.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

10.20am Thursday 4 February 2010


Superb 4 foot swell smoking in force 4 offshore south easterly breeze.
Internet  problems continue. I have just driven all the way to Ballyshannon and found an open wireless connection in the east port. Apparently Ballyshannon has been without 3 Mobile Broadband since last Friday and the problem persists. Users are so enraged that 3 technical support doesn't answer to south Donegal numbers any more so use your mobile phone to dial 1913 if you want to yell at them.

No tide times today because I left the tables in Rossnowlagh. Tide was full when I left Rossnowlagh about 10.00am and was brimming at the Mall Quay in Ballyshannon where I stopped to try to pick up a signal, so low tide should be 3pm - 4.00pm

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

8.36am Wed 3 Feb 2010 and still connected!



Right now the swell is flattened out by south south easterly breeze which is acting like a southerly cross-shore breeze. Swell is small 1 foot close to the beach.  Breeze will shift further east and offshore when the tide turns, lifting the swell better than it is doing at present, so maybe some small clean surf later in the morning.

Low  02.13 0.5m
High 08.29 4.3m
Low 14.43 0.5m
High 20.57 4.0m

6.29 am Wednesday 3 February 2010

 By the lights of the Sandhouse shining out over the rising tide, I can see a small 1 foot swell not yet flattened out yet by a force 4 cross-shore southerly breeze. There may be photos later if my broadband signal holds.

Low  02.13 0.5m
High 08.29 4.3m
Low 14.43 0.5m
High 20.57 4.0m

3 mobile broadband failure in Rossnowlagh
Apologies for yesterday's missing surf report. 3 mobile broadband signal failed all day long in spite of repeated calls to their helpful but helpless technical support people in India who kindly checked their mapping software to find out whether my signal belonged to Rossnowlagh Lower or Rossnowlagh Crossroad. We settled for Rossnowlagh Lower.
The signal has been erratic since last Thursday. Now there's a signal at 6.30am which suggests that 3 has sold more modems than its bandwidth can accommodate. I'll ask them, back in India, what they think about that theory, when the rest of Donegal wakes up and my signal fades away.

Monday, 1 February 2010

11.00am Monday 1 February 2010



Small half foot swell with force 2 onshore westerly breeze.  Report has been late over the last few days beause of erratic broadband connection at 3 mobile broadband.

Low 00.51 0.4m
High 06.58 4.6m
Low 13.21 0.2m
High 19.26 4.4m