Wednesday, 3 February 2010

6.29 am Wednesday 3 February 2010

 By the lights of the Sandhouse shining out over the rising tide, I can see a small 1 foot swell not yet flattened out yet by a force 4 cross-shore southerly breeze. There may be photos later if my broadband signal holds.

Low  02.13 0.5m
High 08.29 4.3m
Low 14.43 0.5m
High 20.57 4.0m

3 mobile broadband failure in Rossnowlagh
Apologies for yesterday's missing surf report. 3 mobile broadband signal failed all day long in spite of repeated calls to their helpful but helpless technical support people in India who kindly checked their mapping software to find out whether my signal belonged to Rossnowlagh Lower or Rossnowlagh Crossroad. We settled for Rossnowlagh Lower.
The signal has been erratic since last Thursday. Now there's a signal at 6.30am which suggests that 3 has sold more modems than its bandwidth can accommodate. I'll ask them, back in India, what they think about that theory, when the rest of Donegal wakes up and my signal fades away.

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