Sunday, 14 October 2012

8.35am Sunday 14 October 2012

Swell is a messy 1 foot or so with a force 3 north northwesterly cross/onshore breeze.

High 05.29 4.0m
Low 11.30 0.8m
High 17.41 4.1m
Low 23.56 0.5m

Tide information sponsored by Finnegans Shop Rossnowlagh


2 Kittens still for rehoming. Now 4 months old and tripping me up every time I pass, in their intense desire to be loved. Consider re-homing a rescue mission. They made me drop my camera this morning so I am ready to call the vet and arrange a trip across the rainbow bridge for them. Sometimes being cute isn't enough and anyway, I'm all out of kitten love right now. Call Patsy at 0863211386 if you have heartstrings loose enough for them to tug. He is all that stands between them and the rainbow bridge.

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