Monday, 24 September 2012

9.00amMonday 24 September 2012

This morning's swell is doing good 1 foot sets with a light force 2 easterly offshore breeze.

High 01.03 3.1m
Low 07.06 1.5m
High 13.38 3.2m
Low 1958 1.3m

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Mabel's weather forecast.

RSBlogger: Where's Mabel?

Nameless Stray: She's indisposed. She said I can do the weather forecast today.

RSB:  What do you mean indisposed?

NS: Something about an all Ireland, she said. Explains where she's been for the last week.

RSB: So what's the weather going to be?

NS: Am I allowed to use the R word?

RSB: No.

NS: Truthy forecast, so?

RSB: Exactly.

NS: Okay. So I'm looking West.

NS: Now I'm looking east. That's where the breeze is coming from.

NS: And there's north. Nothing much happening there. 2 surfers waiting for a set . . .

. . .now looking south . . .


NS: And eating grass - for medicinal reasons, it prevents hairball - absolutely nothing to do with the R word.

RSB: So what's the forecast?

NS: The truthy forecast is that there's a huge hangover over Donegal this morning. Many businesses may have to remain closed due to non-appearance of staff. That's why the sky is grey and the whole county looking as if it has a bad headache but tonight the Sam Magure will cross through Pettigo into Donegal and the hills and mountains will be illumined with bonfires and Donegal hearts will be filled with a transcendent joy brighter even than that sunny day in Lanzerote when Senegal met Donegal:

RSB: Mabel's going to be so sorry she missed doing this forecast.

NS: Yup.

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