Friday, 24 August 2012

8.00am Friday 24 August 2012

Swell is an aspirational little half foot with a force 1 southeaterly cross/offshore breeze.

Low 05.52 1.2m
High 12.30 3.3m
Low 18.30 1.3m

Below, fuschia with raindrops.

And continuing the feline weather forecast

Rossnowlagh Surf Blogger: Mabel, what are you at?

Mabel: Eating grass.

RSB: What about your career as a weather forecaster? I was hoping you'd have gone viral by no.

Mable: Nah, the President upstaged me. Got a million hits yesterday

RSB: So why are you eating grass? Aren't you feeling well?

Mabel: Don't you know it's a sign of rain when cats eat grass?
RSB: Oh? I thought you ate grass to make you vomit.

Mabel: Barf! Yeah, that too. You've no idea what hairball does to my digestive system.
RSB: So it's going to rain. What way is the wind?

Mabel: Can't you see - I'm facing southeast. Pay attention to my body language.

Mabel: Southeasterly cross/off with rain. Got that?

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