Sunday, 27 November 2011

10.15am Sunday 27 November 2011

Last night's force 10 storm has dropped back to gale force 7-8 blowing cross shore from north northwest and the waves range from 3 to 6 foot. Warm and dry which makes it a great day to enjoy the excitement of wind and waves pending the return of storm force tonight.

Low 00.28 0.7m
High 06.34 4.6m
Low 12.54 0.6m
High 19.03 4.2m

Walkabout (much earlier than this blog because by the time I get back with the dogs I'm thinking of breakfast, not blogging, which causes considerable delay to the surf report.) So, it was a fine day for beachcombing but I contented myself with restoring the lifebelts to their holders and trying to tidy their ropes a bit. Of course tonight's storm will scatter them all again.

 Then home for breakfast and a warm fireside - very pleasant on these dark winter days, even if it is the warmest November on record.

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