Tuesday, 21 June 2011

7.00am Tuesday 21 June 2011

Flat with just a breath of northerly cross shore breeze.  Midsummer today but according to local weather lore, that spread of seaweed in front of the surf club is a a sign that the weather will remain broken for as long as it lies there.

Low 04.14 0.9m
High 10.35 3.4m
Low 16.29 1.2m
High 22.49 3.5m

If you're depressed at the sight of flat sea and need to look at something else, there's always the bog. Even in a wet summer the bog has its charms and nowadays turf is politically interesting with its own Dail representative, Ming FlanaganTD, fighting the EU's attempts to curtail traditional turf cutting rights.  If you have nostalgic bog memories or remember only the back  breaking work, do share with the rest of us by commenting.

 Below, these spreads of turf on Breesy Hill, survivors of gorse fires and endless rain, are still trying to dry out. 

Some banks are so wet in this rainy summer that the sods of turf have to be dried on top of crates and pallets.

 Below, the smartest line up in this bog, a whole turf army standing to attention, waiting for the order to march home to Kildoney

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