Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Some photos from the Tow In competition at Mullaghmore on Sunday. Today's surf report is in earlier post below.

My photos are taken with a little digital camera with a zoom - the results are a bit impressionist.  For professional pics and videos of the event check these news links:

Here's what Mangosurf has to say about Easkey Britton, the only woman in the competition: - "Easkey Britton est la seule femme qui figure dans le cercle très fermé des chargeurs invités à l'évènement, elle a prouvé que ce n'était pas qu'une histoire d'hommes!
TRANSLATION: Easkey Britton is the only woman who figures in the very closed circle of "chargeurs" (what's a chargeur? surfer or ski driver? Easkey does both)  invited to the event, she has proved that it's not only about men.

Ouch! - where's the surfer?

Finding the surfer

Going walkabout - there's the French team manager and his aide

and Fergal Smith's board just back from a 7am dawnie

and his rescue ski

and here below are new generations of Irish surfers

and spectators

Then tea in Maura's van with gypsy and friends

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