Saturday, 23 January 2010

9.00 am Saturday 23 January 2010

Foggy morning. Can't see the surf but it's loud enough to be at least a foot or two with light force 1 offshore south easterly breeze.

4 PM AFTER-NOTE: The fog lingered all day. I asked a ghostly surfer who came walking out of the mist what size the surf was and he said 2-3 foot and perfect with not a breath of wi nd.
Low 04.21 1.4m
High 10.46 3.2m
Low 16.45 1.3m
High 23.17 3.0m


  1. You're getting slack, time was we'd get another photo when the fog lifted!

  2. Fog didnt lift that day

    I was out in the morning on the long board - nice little waves.

    Who is fly tipping their rubbish outside of the surfclub? Young people nowadays.

  3. Another rubbish tipper on the bank of the stream beside the coolmore slipway. Newspapers and fast food wrappers - someone cleaning out a car maybe. Scumbags on wheels. Re another fog, the fog didn;t lift till Sunday so no pic, just a wave report from a dripping wet surfer I met in the fog.